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Chronus arc

Could be a four or even five star game but if you ask at the beginning of the game before people have a chance to play any then three stars is the best you'll get. Does start off good though.

Seems fun

Love the layout, should be good

Having fun

I'm having fun now that I'm getting the hang of it ty


Started playing its not bad will let you know the more I go on

This game

Is awesome

Great game



Hi guys the RPG MASTERS of mobile gaming world I LOVE YOUR GAMES with passion it's like a master piece on all your thanks for making gaming experience VERY VERY AWESOME. From Tom.


Awesome Only problem is the puzzles

Seems cool so far

Love the throwback elements with some modern updates. Still very new though so updates to come...

Good game

Cant get the door to open from puzzle in 3f of kazoo tower when u have to spell GO. Tried different ways but none worked.


Really interesting and deff fun!!!


Okay game.


No buyers remorse

Fun Old School RPG

Kemco has a rare winner with this game. Good characters, story, and soundtrack. Lengthy game with lots to collect. Very fun game. My only real complaint is that the puzzles are boring and generic and just a wasted feature.

Another good rpg

I like the fact this one has puzzles to solve.

Excellent game

Wish there were more like this

Good game so far.

One of the better Kemco games I've played!

Great game

It is worth $0.99 I paid for this game. You are allowed to grind and become over power in this game. If you don't want that, simply go through the game without much grinding. However, you could easily be underpowered and got killed easily from monsters. The technique stones combination is a good idea. You could create your own tactic. The class change is not too bad. However all chars gain the same skills even though certain element specifics are assigned to each char. The game play is pretty much similar to Estipolis (Japanese game) from SNES (Lufia in English version) if you have ever played one. You randomly encounter monster when you walk on the world map, but see monsters inside a dungeon. You also need to solve certain puzzle inside the dungeon. Though Estopolis has much sophisticate system and puzzle; besides, it has more complex system. The game control with the control pad is quite awkward and sometimes recognize wrong button. However, it is a minor flaw to me. The boss inside the Ancient tower is actually harder than the final boss. It also drops 'Document Attainment'. So anyone could try to get the drop if the one doesn't want to grind by killing 1,000 monsters to trade for one. If you want to challenge even harder boss, after you beat the game, load the game back on (not restart) and go to the talk to the king. You will realize that you forgot to do something. That's where the boss is. The boss has 2 forms and the second form is very difficult! All your chars should have 6k+ HP or it may get killed in 1 attack. The boss drop 'Document of Attainment' as well. Overall, I give this game 5 stars because I feel that the pros overwhelmingly best the cons. Good job.


Awesome game for those who love the old school RPGs



Fun game ^_^

As always another great game from kemco

Decent so far..

I'm writing this review for CA points. The game seems decent enough as of now. Lots of talking accompanied with no real story early in the game. As a huge fan of RPGs, I'll keep playing. Here's to hoping the story picks up.

Well made!

This is a game well worth playing. Very we'll planned out. Good story line and a wide variety of different skills and magic.. Good rpg

Pretty good

Pretty good so far. Controls are a little awkward but nothing you won't get used to.

Good game!


Great game

I like it so far....too early to tell, but great if you like old school RPGs. :)



Great, retro fun!

This game is similar to - and even better than - many of the 16 bit rpg games of the past. Characters are tripe, but dialogue is smooth and easy to read. I will buy another Kemco game!

Excellent game, could be better. Worth buying.

This game is pretty fun, the story advances quickly. The game itself is rather short but there's plenty to work on and collect. There's a collection thing where you can view obtained items, monsters fought and you can find bgms hidden throught the game and you can listen to them anytime from the title screen collection. This game starts out hard until you class change. It gets really easy from there on mostly one shotting all monsters with a single multihit technique on the main character. Bosses still remain a challenge unless you buy the ultimate class changing item early from the cash shop. This game by itself gave me about 10 hours of gameplay and could have developed into something much larger and deeper. I'd recommend making a chronus arc sequel and expand the world and story since you don't travel very far at all in the main game. Overall, the game deserves 5 stars as it is. I had no real issues playing on my iphone and was fun up till the second final boss.


One of the best rpg game out there and you don't need a wi-fi to be playing! Kudos to this company! :D

RPG Chronus Arc

It's good with how it transitions in the story, the music is great. Only thing is the D-Pad here being not as great. Hard to sometimes get the right movements, if you guys can make a good D-Pad all your games would be easy 5 stars.



Very fun

Just like rpg's back in the SNES days. Love it! Keep up the great work Kemco!

Cool game

Awesome fun!

As far as I know?

Well as far as I know this game is original to the IOS store thingy here, and if so this has to be one of the best IOS RPGs Ive ever played, (and cent for cent, maybe on par with or better than square enix's final fantasy releases)


It's a very fun and addicting game. Don't need to worry about having too much equipment when you can just upgrade the things you have

Great game

This is a great game to play. It is how you encounter enemy's in this game and the puzzles that kind of remind me of Lufia 2 back on the SNES which is why I think it's a great game other than that it could use a little work on the Text advance bug which makes hard to advance the text which bugs me. That is why I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars other than that it's a great game.

Really fun

Great old-school RPG. My favorite part is the equipment system: instead of sorting through a bunch of options and selling old weapons and armor, you're just constantly upgrading your current equipment using materials you find. Lets you spend more time gaming and less time staring at menu screens.


It's a great game


Brings me back to my snes rpg days. Lots of fun


Fun rpg with class changes and no need for additional IAP. Very fun especially given the price.


Love the game!!

Really fun classic RPG

This is an enjoyable RPG in the style of classic 16-bit games. It's got a good control system that's simple and easy, a fun battle system, and (so far) fun plot and writing. Would recommend.

Freaking awesome game

This is one of the best RPGs I hae ever played please make another one like this

Great game

I love this game but i don't like class change system ...

Vary good

The game is a good RPG for the iPhone thanks

Old school

Another great old school rpg by kemco keep them coming cany get enough


Pretty good game, although during text or conversations it sometimes takes multiple taps to get to the next part of the text. Still worth the money

Exciting find

So glad I stumbled across this game because it is a real gem. Has a retro feel with some modern updates. Love being able to gather materials to build my own weapons and armor. There are a few bugs in the controls but all are too minor to effect the gaming experience. Another roleplaying gamers dream!

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